Ass Kickin’ Chicken


When it comes to chicken, there’s a new sensei in town. And he’s ready to roundhouse kick your taste buds with the baddest, boldest, most flavorful ASS-KICKIN’ CHICKEN.

So go ahead. Crush some crispy chicken fingers. Smash a sandwich, saucy wings and savory sides. And don’t forget to body-slam an ice-cold bevie.

Order now for fast, fresh delivery OR COME KICK IT IN PERSON AT BUDD DAIRY FOOD HALL. What are ya, chicken?

Cluck's Combos

Chicken fingers

Chicken fingers

  • 5 fingers, 1 side, 1 dippin’ sauce

  • 10 fingers, 1 side, 2 dippin’ sauce

Chicken wings

Chicen Wings

  • 5 wings, 1 side, 1 dippin’ sauce

  • 10 wings, 1 side, 2 dippin’ sauce